Sunday, June 3, 2018 – 8:59pm

words. numbers. symbols. sigils and magic. sweat, skin, and shared DNA like alchemical reactions turning blood into liquid gold. Midas rivals. drink. fuck. speak these magic spells into motion. bitten lips, swollen and red with bruises of need and lack of control. mindfulness. awareness. heightened senses of the hand hovering at the back of one’s […]

4/23/18 5:34pm

is all lost? am I found all over again and over and over again. french consonants graze my ears life like soft lips and a warm tongue. ridges raised, peaking all of my senses. friends first and foremost. professionalism of utmost importance. you’re stubborn? I’m stubborn too and I’m not sure which of us will […]

Wednesday, 5/23/18 — 8:57pm

tired and trembling. In my fantasies, I’m never on top. I’m wanting to be controlled, dominated, hurt. Pain in my heart from treating me cold like an Otis Redding song. the train packs up with warm bodies and the best of intentions. the smell of marijuana clings to boys’ sweaters and v-necks as they pass. […]

11/15/17 5:07pm (continued)

Sometimes his fingers are tattooed and rough, but cast magic spells all over her body. Sometimes he has long, thick hair and hazel jade green eyes. He is devastatingly serious. He coils his inked digits around her neck and squeezes. It takes her breath away. Sometimes, he is rough with her. He contorts her into […]

4/17/18 4:52pm

she uses big words. her stomach churns with swollen electric butterflies. fluorescent neon wings beating syncopated half-rhythm. fluttering. notes of plum liqour, saffron, cardamom. wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace. casting spells by the hearth. chest puffed out to brave the cold. unafraid. inviting. daring her to strip naked and plunge into the icy […]

Monday, July 9, 2018 – 8:11pm

Looking for answers in song lyrics. Scrying through the radio. Lovelust and ringworn and desperate. Fledgling, Fingerfulls of long hair. Wrapped around knuckles and plaintive like a song. Melodies enter your mind and take up extended residence. Earlobes and moans and coming back home. All-black attire and headbands and silk lips. Roses on sweaters and […]

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 – 5:09pm

Sometimes, it feels like just waiting to panic. Those soft, swerving lines of cursive. Unlike anything at all. Believing nothing but the ground beneath your feet, the earth between your toes. Coming in droves from the depths of the sea. Uncontrolled like a discourse on shaming and believing nothing of what we were or who […]